Saturday, March 26, 2011

Race Report: Wurtsboro Mountain 30K 3.26.11

It's a road run.  Deal with it.  Great course.  4 miles up.  About 6 miles down overall...steep in places, rolling in others.  Some flats, then the final 6ish is rolling along the Basha Kill wetlands.  Beautiful course.  Crazy guy with an axe chasing the runners.  He's moving up in the world--it was only a knife a couple years ago.  But don't let that color your opinion of the race--it's a blast.  Even if it felt like early February instead of late March.  It was sunny, and I was running.  What more is there to life? (don't answer that).  Ran comfortably hard, wasn't truly racing as I've got Bull Run Run 50 miler in two weeks and a cranky achilles this morning that I didn't want to piss off too badly (seems okay now...or maybe that's the IPA talking...).  Ran about 2:51, only a few minutes slower than my PR (about 2:44, last year) and ran much easier and stronger to the end this year.  So life is good, the race is great, the volunteers rock, and the organizers (Sullivan Striders - Myriam Loor - Kim Klemen - et al.) get high praise.  If you suddenly find yourself in Wurtsboro some late March weekend, come run.  Pizza afterwards.  And IPA in the back of my van....


  1. good to see you back in the blogging business, jim! wish i could have been there; i really do enjoy that race "for a road race". can't wait to see you knock BRR out ... you will like the course, i think. keep the achilles healthy!

  2. thanks chris! fun day. maybe we'll see ya next year for it. achilles is good. tapering down to BRR...can hardly wait!