Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why Groove and Flow? Why now?

Because. After 30 years of running, often on trails, almost always by myself, I discovered something. Ultras. And the ultrarunning family. I am still dumbfounded that I never connected with this whole trail running/nature loving/beer drinking (craft-brewed IPAs and their relatives only, thank you)/we're-all-in-this-together clan before. In 2007, after living with a variety of running injuries for years, I decided I was done. Running was over. Well, no. But only now and then. You know, that didn't last. New stretching, new shoes, new outlook, new races--my first half-marathon, Oak Tree in Geneseo, NY, Labor Day 2008. Hardest thing I'd ever run. Knew I needed more. Talked with a woman (name? sorry, those brain cells are long gone) wearing a "Finger Lakes 50s" shirt. "50K and 50 miles" she said. "But it's so different" she said. "Everyone is there for everyone else" she said. "It's a big family" she said. Hmm. Sounds cool. But...50K? 50...MILES?! Wackos. Impossible. A marathon would be enough. I ran five. Not enough. And not right. I turned 50. A 50 something..."K" seemed like the only thing possible...for 50 years. Seemed cool. Signed up for the Finger Lakes 50K. And I'm a born-again runner. My trail running love has been validated and lifted on high. I only wish I'd paid attention and made the cutoff to run one more loop (plus a bit) to do the 50 miler. I could have, easy (no, hard, but know). But I was having so much fun. Just running. Talking. Laughing. Grooving and flowing. So now, reborn and renewed, a blog to document it all. I can't remember when life was so much fun!

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